Industry 4.0

The industry is in an episode of digital transformation, also called 4.0 industry or the fourth industrial revolution. It brings a better overall performance of the company's activities and an automation of process management.

The effects of this transformation will be mastered through a global vision, a digital strategy, a redefinition of trades and an integration and optimal use of digital tools.

Here is a list of the strategic issues that we find in industries

  • Data management
  • Data gouvernance
  • Data security
  • Human-machine interaction
  • User interface design
  • Software development
  • interconnection
  • Data science
  • Analytics BI

To help you optimize investments and acquire new skills, here are our services for your digital transformation:

Technology Assessment

An assessment of the technologies in place is necessary to ensure that the company has the right technology based on its current and future needs.

For example, does your integrated management system allow your customer to place orders directly? Is your CNC machining center able to meet all your machining needs?

  • Evaluation of the network infrastructure
  • Evaluation of the IT architecture
  • Evaluation of the connectivity of production systems
  • Assessment of the level of control of users
  • Defining roles and responsibilities in a digital project
  • Report and digital transformation plan

"This assessment will reveal the efforts and investments to be made. "

Data audit

An examination of the rules of governance and the culture of data makes it possible to evaluate whether the data entered by the various activities of the company comply with the standards and objectives that the company has put in place. It ensures good behaviour for analysis and business decisions (BI).

  • Evaluation of data standards
  • Evaluation of data models
  • Evaluation of the software components that manipulate the data
  • Documentation of data flows

"The digitization of all the information of an organization, including the data relating to its know-how, is essential for its durability. They must be available and accessible to analysis by the organization. "

Strategies and digital transformation plan

Digital transformation requires the support of management, departments and IT to form a strategic team. It also requires the harmonization of business and production processes according to good practice. The action plan will consider priorities according to the following variables:

  • Systems with lower digital maturity
  • The available budget
  • Resources Affected and Required Training
  • Modernization of production chains
  • Suppliers and customers to increase service value
"It's good to have a good plan and it will have a lot more impact and value if this plan fits your reality"

Data Migration Strategy

Our expertise in databases, governance and standards positions us as a leader in the data migration market. Our good practice and recognized methodology offert assurance and certification of the migration.

"Do not accept fast, cheap data migration, your data needs to migrate not just to a system, but to your business goals"

Digital deployment project management (Agile Method)

Our organization masters and exploits the agile SCRUM framework for more than 10 years.

An Agile working method aims to bring the most value to customers and users. It also aims to bring greater satisfaction to the members of the project.

The Agile workflow by the different roles (Scrum Master, Products Owner, Developers, Engineers, Stakeholders) allows to be on the lookout for the least technological changes and the precision of the customer's needs, hence the term "AGILE"

Thanks to the iterative and successive approach Sprint and Sprint Reviews, these Specific collaborative meetings after the working sprints help to quickly integrate new developments from a technological and methodological point of view and to adapt to business models.

"No opportunities of competitive value and quality of service are forgotten or may not be addressed. "


Custom integration and development

Our team of experienced and multidisciplinary development and engineers work in the following fields of development:


At the forefront of the latest trends and technological advances, we realize interconnected digital and software solutions.

  • Development of multiplatform applications
  • Database development (DBA, SQL and noSQL)
  • UI / UX Design
  • Application prototyping
  • Security (SSL, Encryption)
  • Active Directory Integration (Azure AD)


We create mobile experiences adapted to new uses and patterns of use.

  • Native iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Firebase


Design and development of applications and web services in different technologies:

  • responsive Design
  • SPA Development (Simple Page Application)

System integration

Our FullStack development resources allow us to carry out various projects requiring both general and specialized knowledge.

  • API integration and programming
  • Programming REST / SOAP services
  • CRM, ERP solutions
  • Microsoft PowerApp
  • Automation with Talend
  • Amazon (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure SQL
  • MySQL
"There is no limit to development, it's about finding the most economical and adequate solution"