Impact of poor data quality may be as high as 10 % to 25 % in lost revenue.

85 % of businesses have critical issues (over budget and/or schedule) during their data migration projects…Why?

81 % of businesses use their data to improve their customer knowledge.

Our mission

Give added value to your data and maximize this key resource for your business.


Data Governance offers the ability to generate accurate business intelligence, accurate financial reports and to understand your business. It relies on better processes and commitment to clean and optimize the data.

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Modernize an enterprise application, consolidate several systems, experience the challenges of a business merger ... situations that happen only a few times in the standard operation of an IT department. Like moving into a new home, the questions are; do I have all my possessions in good condition in the right place and can I dispose of my duplicate items and keep (or not) my memories.
Use experts, contact us.

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Data is your most valuable business assets. Their impact on your decisions, on your business model, on your revenue projections contribute to establish your business strategies. It allows you to plan effectively your marketing campaigns, your production schedule and your operation plans.
Relying on poor data quality may generate deviations that can affect your operations and your budgets. It’s critical to ensure data quality and reliability.

Contact us to benefit from our following data optimization services:

  • Data Structure enhancement to exploit it’s value.
  • Use recognised standard to enable links with other data sources.
  • Data Validation (through our tools, our algorithm and up to our call center) to avoid rejects.
  • Data Enrichment to develop new market.

With our services your data will provide the insight necessary to improve your business decisions.

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